Kidzania Manila

It is Christmas break and our Kids asked us if we can visit Kidzania Manila.  Since Blayke, my eldest son won tickets for One Adult and One Kid Pass during the raffle when Pascual Laboratory visited their school late March last year, We said YES!. It is our second time at Kidzania Manila but It is quite different because the last time we went there I just stayed in the toddler room since my youngest, Lexzeus is just 3 years old at that time; If you may ask, Kidzania is a theme park for 4 years old to 14 years old.

 KidZania Manila currently has over 100 role-play activities available for kids four to 14 years old. It is located in Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Their  Operating Hours are as follows:

Mondays to Fridays: 9AM to 4PM

Saturdays: 9AM to 2PM and 3PM to 8PM

Sundays: 9AM to 5PM

 Our Experience:

 We went to Kidzania on December 30, 2016 and since it is a holiday they extended the shift for that day which is from 9AM to 7PM, a total of 10 hours of Role Play with the Kids.

Since only Blayke and his daddy had tickets, we went to Kidzania at around 8 in the morning because I know for sure that there will be a long line.

 Blayke and Lexzeus goofing around while their dad is busy buying tickets

After getting our Boarding Pass, the Kids were also given a voucher worth 50 Kidzos each. Kidzos is the currency at Kidzania. Blayke and Lexzeus went directly to the BPI booth inside the park to exchange their voucher to Kidzos.  Lexzeus also signed up to the immigration booth,  located on the left side of the entrance. We paid Php250.00 for his PAZZPORT. They encoded information about your child and take a photo for his Pazzport.  If your kid is a pazzport holder, everytime your kid work at a certain establishment, he or she is given additional 2 kidzos on top of his or her wage. The pazzport is also stamped and upon earning 30 stamp, your pazzport will be ugraded to distinguished citizen Pazzport and that means more additional kidzos everytime they work.

 Here are some of the establishment they visited:

 Lexzeus at the Cream-O Establishment

 Blayke at the Johnson’s Baby care Establishment

 Lexzeus at the Century Tuna Marine Research Lab

 Blayke at the Coca Cola Bottling Establishment

 Blayke and LExzeus as Medical Responder at St. Lukes Hospital Establishment

 Blayke at Penshoppe Modeling Establishment

 Lexzeus at Penshoppe Modeling Establishment

It was a very tiring day for the Kids but it is all worth it. Seeing your Kids so happy with the role playing activities is priceless. Below are some tips to maximize your visit at Kidzania Manila.


 1.) You can buy tickets ahead of time through the Kidzania Manila website or at  ticketnet .

 2.) If you can’t buy your tickets online, their ticket booth is already open at 8:00AM, you can buy it earlier and just have breakfast at McDonalds beside Kidzania Manila.

 3.) Eat Heavy Breakfast– this is a must! haha. Since your kids will be busy playing and queuing at the establishment, they may tend to forget their hunger.  I asked my kids if they want to eat and they always say no because they just want to play.

 4.) The entire shift is not enough to visit all the establishment since there is a LOT and it usually takes 20-30 minutes per role-playing activity. There is a free map in the entrance, you can sit down first with your kid and ask them what role-playing activity interest them the most. Usually, the longest line is the Fire Department Establishment where kids can be a fireman for the day. Make sure you visit this first since the line for this almost takes 1 hour.

 5.) For Snacks and Lunch, there is Mcdonalds, Via Mare and Yellow cab inside Kidzania. Bringing of Foods and drinks are not allowed inside.

 6.) Every activity, a photographer take picture of your kids, you can get it in the Pikz Station just before the exit at kidzania. Each 6R photo is 250 each.  Since I want all pictures of my kids, I opted for the option where you can get all the soft copies (maximum of 40 photos) at 1,500.00. That’s a great bargain since we usually keep our photos in our hardrives and print photos at home using our Selphy Printer.

 7.) Parents with toddlers can stay at the toddler areas (Rightzkeeper house and Kindergarten) at the mezzanine level of Kidzania. It is fully airconditioned with lots of toys where your toddlers can play. Just outside the rightzkeeper house, there is a diaper changing area for those who need to change nappies.

 8.) For those with older kids who can play on their own the parents or guardian can just stay in the Parent’s Lounge at the mezzanine level, right beside the Cebu Pacific Establishment. It is a heaven on earth for mom and dads with aching feet..haha. It is equipped with Wifi, Electrical Plugs for charging your Phones and tablets, Desktop Computers with Internet and Comfy Sofas. It also have a Mcdonalds Cafe where you can buy frappucinos and cookies.

 For more information on the ticket Prices and how to get there , please visit Kidzania Manila by clicking here.



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