Dampa Experience 

Craving for seafood? Then Dampa is the perfect place to be. Dampa is located at Macapagal Boulevard Pasay City.

We had dinner at Dampa yesterday. Since it’s not our 1st time to eat here, we went directly to our “suki” paluto restaurant SHARMILA.

For those who are not familiar with dampa, it is a place where you can buy fresh seafood and fish in the wet market and have it cooked the way you like it in your restaurant of choice.

We bought our seafood from a stall just outside sharmila.

Seafood are more expensive here than from our local wet market. We bought tahong at Php250/kilo , crabs at Php 850/kilo and shrimps at Php 420~950/kilo. You can haggle the price and ask for discounts from the tinderos.

Below is the price of “paluto” at sharmila.

Paluto usually takes 30 minutes, but in our case, our food arrived after an hour cause it’s a weekend but it is all worth it.

“Patience is a virtue”

Below is the breakdown of our bill at dampa:

Seafood~wet market: 1,600

Bill of Paluto +rice+drinks : 1,500

We are a group of 6.



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