Free samples from Sample Room Philippines

Want to buy a new beauty product but afraid to do so because it might not work on you?  Then, you may want to try to register at SampleRoomph.

Sample Room Ph is a philippine~based company where you can try new products for FREE. Yes, it’s for free. Sounds too good to be true?Nah, not really, but of course there is a catch. Let me explain further.

Upon registration at Sample Room website, the member is given 100 points. The member can now choose from the website’s available sample to try. There is a corresponding point of every item you want to try. Some items are in their full size, some are just sample sizes.

Here are the two items I purchased using my first 100 points:

Johnson’s 200ml(full size) ~ 60 points

Lip ice sheer lipbalm (1.2g) ~ 40 points

The member have to pay for the shipping though. Since I lived in Laguna, the shipping fee is 150 (provincial rate).

After receiving the item and using it for 5 or more days you have to make a review of the product in their website. Once the review is approved, the points you used for purchasing the product will be returned to you–of course in the form of points. You can now use your new points to repurchase new samples.

If you don’t like to make a review, you can buy points by becoming a VIP member. You have to pay Php 649 for 1,000 points.

Check their site by clicking here.


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