Dry Eyes Diagnostics

If you spend most of your time in front of the computer then you probably belong to the 100 million people worldwide who suffer from Dry Eyes Disease or DED.

Dry Eye Disease is is a chronic, symptomatic ocular surface disease. When you say symptomatic, it means the signs and symptoms indicative of the disease is experienced by the individual.

Common characteristic of DED are the following:

  • Burning Sensation
  • Dryness Sensation
  • Itching Eyes
  • Fatigued Eye
  • Blurred Vision
  • Foreign Body Sensation
  • Constant Tearing

Correct diagnosis and treatment of this Disease  can improve  the quality of vision and prevent further damage to our eyes.

Since I work  in AsPac Eye Laser and Surgicenter, a diagnostic , Surgical and  Laser Facility in Biñan,Laguna , we were priveledge to try the OCULUS Keratograph 5M–a new technology in dry eye screening. The machine is  non-invasive and patient comfort during the test is highly regarded.

The  quantity and quality of my tear film was evaluated. The test took about 15 minutes on  both eyes. Suprisingly, my result came out normal.

If you want to have your eyes tested for dry eyes, you can schedule an appointment through AsPac Eye Laser and Surgicenter’s  facebook page by clicking here .




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