Alves restaurant 

Who would think that this california maki is not from a japanese restaurant? No one.

A family friend introduced us to Alves restaurant. It is located in Soro~Soro Binan, Laguna just in front of the cockpit arena. Judging by its exteriors, you would doubt if their food will satisfy your palate.

 They serve japanese, chinese and filipino dishes. One of the dish I ordered is their Lumpiang Toge (Php 40/3pcs). It was so delicious. The crispiness of the wrapper plus the extra ordinary taste of their vinegar is perfect. 

If you’re on a budget, they also offer rice meals at Php 120.00. The rice toppings are mostly chinese dishes and is served with iced tea.

For the dessert, I ordered Leche Flan (Php50). It was very creamy but I wish the serving is bigger.

The  saying looks can be deceiving is indeed right. If you live in Binan, you should visit their place and try their food.

Disclaimer: We paid for our food. This review is not paid by Alves restaurant.


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