Persian Avenue Shawarma

 Shawarma was invented during the 18th century in Turkey. It is composed of either chicken, beef or lamb meat. It was originally called a gyros but after it was introduced to Arab countries, they renamed it shawarma which means turning since you have to cook the meat by turning it on the griller.

The first time I tasted shawarma was when I was in grade 2. We went to Harrisson Plaza and my cousin hansell persuade me to try it. Actually I hated it. I didn’t even finished it because I hate the taste of raw onion back then. 

Twenty three years later… Shawarma is now one of my comfort foods. Haha. Maybe our tastebud change as we age.

When I need a shawarma fix, I usually visit Turks Shawarma cause for me their shawarma is perfect. 

One afternoon as I was strolling in SM sta. rosa, a new establishment caught my attention. Persian Avenue.

Persian avenue is a dine in store that serves Shawarma wrap and Shawarma rice.

Their price is very competitive. Their beef wrap is Php 59 and their shawarma rice is Php99. 

I ordered the beef wrap and my husband ordered the beef rice. Oh my, the best shawarma I ever tasted. The meat is so tender and juicy. The veggies are fresh and still crisp.

The food plus the friendly staff at Persian Avenue SM sta. rosa is worth visiting for. We will definitely visit it again.

Happy eating!


We paid for our food. This review is not sponsored by persian avenue.


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