Persian Avenue Shawarma

 Shawarma was invented during the 18th century in Turkey. It is composed of either chicken, beef or lamb meat. It was originally called a gyros but after it was introduced to Arab countries, they renamed it shawarma which means turning since you have to cook the meat by turning it on the griller.

The first time I tasted shawarma was when I was in grade 2. We went to Harrisson Plaza and my cousin hansell persuade me to try it. Actually I hated it. I didn’t even finished it because I hate the taste of raw onion back then. 

Twenty three years later… Shawarma is now one of my comfort foods. Haha. Maybe our tastebud change as we age.

When I need a shawarma fix, I usually visit Turks Shawarma cause for me their shawarma is perfect. 

One afternoon as I was strolling in SM sta. rosa, a new establishment caught my attention. Persian Avenue.

Persian avenue is a dine in store that serves Shawarma wrap and Shawarma rice.

Their price is very competitive. Their beef wrap is Php 59 and their shawarma rice is Php99. 

I ordered the beef wrap and my husband ordered the beef rice. Oh my, the best shawarma I ever tasted. The meat is so tender and juicy. The veggies are fresh and still crisp.

The food plus the friendly staff at Persian Avenue SM sta. rosa is worth visiting for. We will definitely visit it again.

Happy eating!


We paid for our food. This review is not sponsored by persian avenue.


Alves restaurant 

Who would think that this california maki is not from a japanese restaurant? No one.

A family friend introduced us to Alves restaurant. It is located in Soro~Soro Binan, Laguna just in front of the cockpit arena. Judging by its exteriors, you would doubt if their food will satisfy your palate.

 They serve japanese, chinese and filipino dishes. One of the dish I ordered is their Lumpiang Toge (Php 40/3pcs). It was so delicious. The crispiness of the wrapper plus the extra ordinary taste of their vinegar is perfect. 

If you’re on a budget, they also offer rice meals at Php 120.00. The rice toppings are mostly chinese dishes and is served with iced tea.

For the dessert, I ordered Leche Flan (Php50). It was very creamy but I wish the serving is bigger.

The  saying looks can be deceiving is indeed right. If you live in Binan, you should visit their place and try their food.

Disclaimer: We paid for our food. This review is not paid by Alves restaurant.

Easy Baked Nachos 

The best Nachos I ever tasted is the Nachos at spicy fingers in greenbelt. It is full of flavor and spices  baked to perfection. It is best paired with an ice cold beer.

Since one of our friends is celebrating his 30th birthday and birthdays means drinking beer with some pulutan,  I decided to recreate spicy fingers’ nachos but the easier version since I don’t have olives and mozarella cheese in my cupboard. The recipe is under 30 minutes, prepping,cooking and baking included.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

What to prepare:

1/4 kilo ground beef

2 pcs tomatoes, diced

1 pc white onion, diced

1 pack nachos

1 bar eden cheese

Salt and pepper 

1 cup water


1. Preheat oven to 220C.

2. While pre~heating the oven, boil the ground beef in 1 cup water until the water is consumed. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

3. Arrange nachos is an oven safe tray or in an aluminum tray. Add ground beed, tomatoes, onion and cheese.

4. Bake at the topmost tray of your oven. Bake until the cheese melts.

5. Removed from oven. You can serve with hot sauce or catsup mayo dip.


Phoenix Court at Bellevue Hotel

My family loves Chinese food period. My son blayke is a sucker for hakaw, hubby loves Lechon Macau and my youngest loves the Shrimp crackers served with vinegar dip so imagine the smile on their faces every time we dine at Phoenix court.

Whether you’re craving for hakaw or Xiao Long Bao or just need a Chinese food fix then Phoenix Court at Bellevue Hotel Alabang is a great restaurant of choice. It offers ala-carte menu but we usually avail their EAT ALL YOU CAN DIMSUM and their EAT ALL YOU CAN ALL COURSE.

Their eat all you can  is not the kind of eat all you can buffet we are accustomed to where we need to line up in the buffet tables. All you need to do is tell their waiters that you’ll avail their eat all you can and they will give you the menu and you can now order everything and they will serve it to your table. “ V.I.P. feels” right?! Yes it does because Phoenix Court is located inside a 5 star hotel.

Below is the menu choice at Phoenix Court:


Their Eat all you can is also not that expensive compared to other 5 star hotel buffet.

Their eat all you can dimsum is 793php and

eat all you can main course is at 1,037 (vat inclusive)

Children below 5 years of age can also eat FREE.

For reservations, you can call 02-2469069 local 229. They are closed on Mondays.



Magnum Manila

“I’m too full for ice cream.” –said no one.

If you’re an ice cream lover you will definitely love Magnum Manila where you can create your very own Magnum.

Magnum Manila is  located at the 2nd floor Main wing of Mall of Asia . It has a magnum bar where you can choose 3 toppings from its 17 delicious toppings and decide whether you want a white chocolate dip,a milk chocolate dip or a dark chocolate dip. You can also choose from Vanilla or Chocolate magnum ice cream as your base.




My son just wanted the plain vanilla with white chocolate dip so I got 3 more toppings for my magnum.Yey!

D.I.Y. magnum is only 120php per order.

Their operating hours are the same as mall hours.



Dampa Experience 

Craving for seafood? Then Dampa is the perfect place to be. Dampa is located at Macapagal Boulevard Pasay City.

We had dinner at Dampa yesterday. Since it’s not our 1st time to eat here, we went directly to our “suki” paluto restaurant SHARMILA.

For those who are not familiar with dampa, it is a place where you can buy fresh seafood and fish in the wet market and have it cooked the way you like it in your restaurant of choice.

We bought our seafood from a stall just outside sharmila.

Seafood are more expensive here than from our local wet market. We bought tahong at Php250/kilo , crabs at Php 850/kilo and shrimps at Php 420~950/kilo. You can haggle the price and ask for discounts from the tinderos.

Below is the price of “paluto” at sharmila.

Paluto usually takes 30 minutes, but in our case, our food arrived after an hour cause it’s a weekend but it is all worth it.

“Patience is a virtue”

Below is the breakdown of our bill at dampa:

Seafood~wet market: 1,600

Bill of Paluto +rice+drinks : 1,500

We are a group of 6.