Dampa Experience 

Craving for seafood? Then Dampa is the perfect place to be. Dampa is located at Macapagal Boulevard Pasay City.

We had dinner at Dampa yesterday. Since it’s not our 1st time to eat here, we went directly to our “suki” paluto restaurant SHARMILA.

For those who are not familiar with dampa, it is a place where you can buy fresh seafood and fish in the wet market and have it cooked the way you like it in your restaurant of choice.

We bought our seafood from a stall just outside sharmila.

Seafood are more expensive here than from our local wet market. We bought tahong at Php250/kilo , crabs at Php 850/kilo and shrimps at Php 420~950/kilo. You can haggle the price and ask for discounts from the tinderos.

Below is the price of “paluto” at sharmila.

Paluto usually takes 30 minutes, but in our case, our food arrived after an hour cause it’s a weekend but it is all worth it.

“Patience is a virtue”

Below is the breakdown of our bill at dampa:

Seafood~wet market: 1,600

Bill of Paluto +rice+drinks : 1,500

We are a group of 6.



Passport Renewal at DFA Alabang

Time flies so fast. It’s been 6 years since my eldest son got his 1st passport and now it’s long overdue for renewal.

He got his 1st passport in DFA manila but since a satellite office of DFA in Alabang opened 2 or 3 years ago, we opted to have our appointment there.

DFA alabang is located at the topmost floor at Metro Department Store just beside Alabang Town Center.

Here are the steps for passport renewal:

1. Book an appointment through their website www.passport.com.ph. I booked online mid november 2016 and got a schedule on January 6, 2017.

2. Print your appointment confirmation letter which you will receive in the email address you provided.

3. Make sure to prepare all the required documents listed in the appointment letter. For minor applicants for renewal,you still need to prepare ALL requirements as if it is their 1st time like Birth Certificate, School I.D. etc.

4.Be at the DFA office 30 minutes before your appointment time.

TIP:  Schedule your appointment at 5:00~6:00pm , sobrang kaunti ng tao and no line na halos.

Our Renewal Experience:

We arrived around 5:10pm because we left blayke’s Birth Certificate at home and had to get it. Our bags were inspected and we had to show our appointment letter to the guard outside DFA office for us to get in. She directed us to the Reception area where the receptionist checked our appointment letter again and put a stamp on it, we’re directed to window 8, a special window for Minor, PWD and Senior citizens.

Windows 1 to 8 is the processing Section, this is where all your documents will be checked by their staff. They will not process incomplete papers.

For documents that need to be photocopied, there is no need to go out because there is a Photocopying service inside DFA.

After thorough checking, they will ask you if you will opt for regular or rush processing.

Rush is 7 working days at 1,200php

Regular is working 14 days at 950php

We chose regular since we haven’t schedule any trip abroad yet.

The staff will then give you a stub and you need to settle it at the cashier to progress to the next step.

After settling 950php, we were directed to the photocapture booth. We gave the stub and he encoded all data in his computer. He then asked me if all data encoded is correct. Please make sure to check all data since typo error is very very common. For the photo capturing, contact lens, glasses and earrings are not allowed. Blayke was photographed 3x because he was smiling and it is also not allowed.

If you want to pick up your passport after the said date, just bring your stub to claim it BUT if you want it delivered through LBC in your doorstep, you can pay 150php in the Courier booth just before the exit and you’re done.